dream drops — pillow spray

dream drops — pillow spray


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Uses the proven sedative power of high-grade sleep-infused essential oils. Expertly blended to promote sleep and relaxation by calming the nervous system with a premium concentrated formula. Spray on your pillow or sleep area before bed and massage onto your pressure points (temples, palms and the back of your neck) for stronger absorption, so you can show up each morning to greet your best self. You know, the one that pops out of bed like a toasted crumpet, feeling golden, bubbly fresh and ready to slay the day. Wait!... haven’t met her? Well, you’re in the right place.

✔️With habitual use, your brain begins to instantly associate the aroma with sleep, making you fall asleep faster and more reliably each night.

✔️100% natural, vegan (only goddess goodness, no nasties) We keep our product bottles transparent, refined and cosy. Just like us.

✔️Support for a sleep ritual that instantly soothes the mind, so you can look forward to tucking into bed after a looong day and spritzing away while you read a chapter from your favourite book.

"Cool, cool...but I've tried sleep sprays before, I've tried everything!" I hear you babe, but this is no regular sleep spray! A lot of sleep sprays are diluted with water and mixed with unnatural ingredients, kinda like that guy you know you shouldn't occupy a bed with! 😐 This mighty bottle may look small but don't underestimate its knockout strength.

✔️Ultimate bedside accessory for you or someone special. We deliver straight to your door for FREE (because let's face it...we have enough to worry about like getting more sleep.) Plus it comes gift wrapped with love. Sweet Dreams! Xx 😴

Ingredients — Petitgrain, Chamomile Roman, Orange Sweet, Lavender Maillette, Lavender (Bulgaria), Sandalwood essential oils, Coconut oil, Dried roses. Made in Australia by women for women.

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“I now have to wait until I finish reading before I spray my Dream Drops. Or I can barely make it through one chapter.”

Peita Davis