hygge drops — USB aroma diffuser

hygge drops — USB aroma diffuser


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We have bottled the essence of 'Hygge' the Danish art of creating a relaxing space that releases feelings of wellness and contentment.

Breathe in the soothing and uplifting aroma that promotes balance and harmony in our everyday. Expertly blended to maximise the remedial properties of each essential oil.

The diffuser set is portable and versatile. A gorgeous desk accessory that fosters a calm focus at work, it's proven that working in a relaxed state makes you more productive with higher levels of sustained concentration. At home, watch the vapour cloud of natural oils fill the space with comforting and inviting vibes.

✔️Not just a diffuser! Also functions as an Air Purifier, Ioniser, Humidifier. Can be used in intermittent or continuous mode. Plug in and forget, if water is running low it will stop automatically.

✔️100% natural (only goddess goodness, no nasties). We keep our product bottles transparent, refined and cosy. Just like us.

✔️Ultimate sleep accessory for you or someone special. We deliver straight to your door for FREE. Plus it comes gift wrapped with love. Sweet Dreams! Xx 😴

Ingredients — Cedarwood Atlas, Rose Absolute, Frankincense, Grapefruit Pink, Orange Sweet, Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Dried Roses. Made in Australia by women for women.

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“A calm mind allows you to connect with your inner self, your soul, the very source of your being. That’s where the music lives.”

Clarence Clemons